Sunday, February 12, 2012

Artsy and Hatty

So much has happened in my family in the last few months.  We've been so busy with all of the projects and other endeavours we've undertaken that if I'm not on the go with my mom I'm napping and therefore haven't had much time to update you all on my latest happenings.

Here I am being cultured one Saturday afternoon as my mom and dad were hanging up some paintings.  I like the one on the left the best.

For Christmas, mom ordered this aviator hat for me from "All You Need is Pugs" on Etsy.  I was not very keen on wearing it at first but I'm getting used to it.

We had three horses, a donkey, and a mule move to the airport so I'm looking forward to showing them the ropes and making sure they understand which animal really is the one in control around here.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Big Babies!

The baby vultures are growing up.  Mom and I think they're probably three weeks old already.  Soon they're going to fly the coop!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


The baby vultures are here!  Mom and dad came back from their vacation to Israel and we checked on the nest and the babies are here!

Dad is saying he's going to name one of them Eaglet.  I don't think that's very funny.

Anyway, mom and dad had a great vacation, and after I looked through some of mom's pics from the trip, I found these photos .. 

Apparently she ran into two pugs in a park in Jerusalem!  I am a little jealous that those pugs got to see my mom and I was stuck at home with Ranger and Flyer.  She sat and talked to their owners for awhile and apparently pugs are not all that common of a dog breed in Israel but all agreed that they are the cutest breed of dog out there, regardless of where you call home.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Waiting Game

A few weeks ago we were exploring some old fallen down buildings on the airport property when this bird hopped out of one of the "shelters" and gave us his mean birdy eye.

Mom told dad that she thought it was trying to build a nest in the little fort it had found but it seemed odd because there was nothing in it that looked like a nest.

Mom and dad said this is a vulture.  A few days later dad went back to check and see if the bird was still living in there and it turns out mom was right!  It didn't really build a nest but it did lay two eggs!

So now we are playing the waiting game waiting for the baby vultures to make their debut.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Mom and I were on one of our usual hikes (security patrol for me but I like to let her think it's just for fun) around the airport when we happened upon this on one of the trails:

I immediately launched a full scale investigation and was about to call in the airport CSI team when we figured out what creature the bones used to belong to.  Do you have a guess?

After a hard day of work, mom and dad decided to take me to lunch with them at the Lightcatcher Winery & Bistro that is located near where we live.  They let dogs come with their owners if they sit on the patio for their meal service!

I was a popular guest that day.  Strangers at other tables were taking my picture .. but the best part was mom shared some of her yummy sweet potato fries with me. 

After a great lunch, mom and dad went back to the airport to work on some more cleanup in the garage at the house on the property.  Dad found this super cool airplane and they thought it was funny to fly it around the yard and try and dive bomb me with it!  Didn't bother me .. I'm not afraid of anything!  I'm airport dog!

And these two are supposed to be pilots and this is how the airplane ended up?  I am pretty sure this was dad's bad landing.