Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Bound

For the third day this week, mom has stayed home with us due to snowy / icy road conditions.  We're definitely not complaining because it's nice to be able to see her all day long like it's the weekend or something.  We've been in and out all day, playing outside in the snow, playing inside with our toys and each other.  

Mom took some pictures of us today in the snow .. but she's been a little bit gloaty over a picture she took of some red bird she saw in a tree while she was supposed to be taking pictures of us playing in the snow.  The bird stayed still long enough for mom to take its picture but then Ranger started running around barking at an errant squirrel and the bird flew away and ruined the moment (Airedales tend to do that a lot I've found).


1 comment:

  1. great photos that your Mom took, sure do fly like an eagle. That red bird is really something...WOW! I don't see those out here in California..Thanks for being my friend.