Sunday, February 13, 2011

Trails And Tracking

Finally the weather has improved and I was able to walk yesterday and today on the airport trails with mom.  

On Saturday we didn't see much other than some various animal tracks. 

But it was great to be outside on a sunny warm day .. and there was so much interesting stuff to smell!

During Sunday's walk we saw three deer in a meadow and of course they ran off so fast that mom didn't have a chance to get their picture.  Then we saw a fourth deer run off down a deer trail that goes to the creek on our property so we thought we might have a chance of seeing it again if we tried to follow it.  Well, we didn't find a deer, but I did find a spot to grab a drink of water and cool off!


After we had hiked for well over an hour, it was time to head home for the day. 

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