Tuesday, April 19, 2011


The baby vultures are here!  Mom and dad came back from their vacation to Israel and we checked on the nest and the babies are here!

Dad is saying he's going to name one of them Eaglet.  I don't think that's very funny.

Anyway, mom and dad had a great vacation, and after I looked through some of mom's pics from the trip, I found these photos .. 

Apparently she ran into two pugs in a park in Jerusalem!  I am a little jealous that those pugs got to see my mom and I was stuck at home with Ranger and Flyer.  She sat and talked to their owners for awhile and apparently pugs are not all that common of a dog breed in Israel but all agreed that they are the cutest breed of dog out there, regardless of where you call home.


  1. Oh, it's so funny to see those fuzzy litle bodies with those ugly heads. And people like to say we pugs are ugly. Next time I hear someone say that, I am going to call them a vulture!
    How cool that your parents met pugs all the way in israel. Try not to be jealous, after all they came home to you right?

  2. The baby vultures are so cool. As for the pug in Israel, don't be too upset. Your mom came home to you, after all.


  3. That's very true about pugs being the cutest dogs! I'm sure your mommy and daddy weren't cheating on you in Israel though!